Virginia Heritage's Charity Challenge Supports the FRFB and the ALICE Fund

Updated: Feb 1

We are so very grateful for the generosity of the Virginia Heritage residents. Virginia Heritage at Lee's Parke is an active adult community in Spotsylvania County. Due to the impact of COVID in our community, and the extra demand placed on United Way and the FRFB, they hosted a Charity Challenge that ran from March 5 through December 31, 2021.

The Virtual Food Drive was a part of a charity challenge that Larry & Sandy Junkins, Ron & Peggy Lunardini, and Jim & Vicki Lewis, residents of Virginia Heritage, initiated. They challenged their community to raise $45,000 with donations to either the FRFB or the United Way ALICE Fund. Their efforts resulted in $32,497 for the FRFB and $16,385 going to the United Way's ALICE Fund!

"It is truly inspirational to see the Virginia Heritage community's enthusiasm for helping the broader community. Their residents rallied around our mission of improving food access for those who struggle to have food security in our community," shared Dan Maher, FRFB President & CEO. "As a result, their generosity will truly make an impact. Their example of community cooperation can be an example to so many other communities or groups about the impact we can have when we pull together and turn compassion into action!"

Because of the generous efforts of Virginia Heritage, the equivalent of almost 65,000 meals were put on the tables of our neighbors facing hunger. What a truly amazing impact! But they aren't finished yet--they have already started fundraising for 2022.

Food drives are a great way to raise awareness about hunger in our community and encourage others to help. What is a virtual food drive? Instead of collecting food, a virtual food drive allows you to collect funds online for the FRFB. Virtual food drives are very impactful because we can purchase food much lower than what you would pay at a grocery store. Also, sorting and inspecting food items can take a lot of time and resources, so a virtual food drive helps us put those resources to other uses. If you are interested in hosting a virtual food drive, please follow this link, or contact Stephanie Sherrill, Community Engagement Coordinator, at

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