Kids are getting punished in front of their classmates...all because they can't afford lunch

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

The 9-year-old who had his lunch taken away, in front of his classmates...on his birthday.

The middle schooler who got her lunch dumped in the trash due to a paperwork mix-up.

The school district sent parents letters threatening to take away their children if parents didn't pay off their kids' lunch debts.

This week is National School Lunch Week – a week that was designated to celebrate the importance of healthy school lunches and the impact that they can have both inside and outside the classroom.

We agree! Every child in America deserves a healthy school lunch and a chance to learn, free from hunger and humiliation.

That's why this week, we're taking a stand to end the practice of punishing children for their families' inability to pay for lunch – and the lunch debt that results. We're starting a lunch shaming rapid response team to stand up for kids when they are shamed at school – will you join us by taking action right now?

Kids whose families can't afford lunch should get lunch at a free or reduced price. But instead, fewer kids are getting free lunch with every year – and even more, are denied meals because of administrative errors or the program's limitations.

Congress has a chance to change that by including policies in the Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act that would end bullying tactics and ease the financial burden of unpaid lunch fees on school districts.

Tell Congress: The best way to celebrate school lunch is by ending lunch shaming!

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