What is Full Plate Society?

The Full Plate Society is the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank's major giving club program. This group of dedicated individuals is making a huge impact on our fight against hunger through their annual donations of $2,400 or more.


The support from our Full Plate Society is vital to maintaining and growing our programs in support of individuals and families struggling with hunger throughout our community.

Join the Full Plate Society

Become a member of the Full Plate Society by making a monthly contribution of at least $200.00 or by making an annual donation of at least $2,400.00.

Join the Full Plate Society online by using this donation form.

Thank You Full Plate Society!

G. Marshall Abbate

Kenneth Accousti

James & Brenda Andrews

Janet Baeder

Pamela & Jeffrey Bankos

John Capanna

Carl Case

Susan Clancy

William Cooper

Janice Coyne

Douglas Cross

Alice Darnell

William Davis

Colleen Deabler

Annette & Jeffrey Dieters

John Dodson

Christopher Earnhart

Don Engel

Willis Evans

Philip Fitzhugh

Steven Groth

Walter Hamm

Christopher Harrison

Joshua Hoover

Diana & William Johnson

Jill & Thomas Keogh

Diane Lama

Michael Lane

Karen LeDoux

Myron Maher

Susan Matthews

Lori Mattson-Alling

Erick McDowell

Pam & Mike Mearns

Marty & Elaine Miller

John Moonan

Thomas Mukunnemkeril

Lisa Murphy

Frederick Nagle

Roger Oltman

Matthew Peterkin

Miriam & Wade Plucker

Jennifer Roames

Dirk & Michele Robinson

Timothy Rudderow

Benjamin Sanchez

Michael & Jennnifer Sayre

Karl Schmidt

Thomas Segar

Everett Shelton

Marguerite Shiffler

Andrew Slaterbeck

Hazel Stewart

Chip & Liz Sudduth

Susan & Douglas Tait

Roger Valentino

Janice Weiland

Eric Wendstrom

Ronald Wilson

Ronald & Drucilla Witt

George & Judith Wratney

Adrienne & Troy Williams

Michael Zubick

* This Full Plate Society listing represents donors who gave during the fiscal year of 2020 (July 1, 2019, to June 30, 2020). The FRFB greatly appreciates all of our donors and we apologize if we have inadvertently omitted a member of the full plate society from this list.