September is Hunger Action Month!

The FRFB's vision of a hunger-free community may seem impossible to achieve but in reality, hunger is completely solvable if we all take action.

Start by taking this quiz to test your knowledge of hunger in our community. You might be surprised! Once you have taken this quick 6 question quiz--TAKE ACTION!

Here are a few ways to take action, raise awareness, and be a part of Feeding America's national movement to end hunger in America by 2025:

*Support the FRFB by following us @fredfoodva on social media. We are on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

*Come take a tour of the FRFB! See what we are doing here and how we are growing and changing to meet the needs of our community.

*Volunteer! There are so many options to be a hands-on part of fighting hunger! Click here to find out more about volunteer opportunities.

*Donate food! Clean out your pantry--don't worry about "sell by" dates. Most food items are still good way beyond that date. Have a food drive in your office, at your school, your place of worship, neighborhood, or any other group you are a part of. All food donations go through quality control in our warehouse before going out to the public.

Donate! For every $10 you donate that provides 20 meals out into our community. Collect your spare change for the month of September. You will be surprised how quickly it adds up!

The personal cost of hunger is tough for many to imagine.  While the value of a meal to a hungry person is immeasurable, the fact is that when we pull together as a community to feed our neighbors, we directly contribute to the long-term health, vibrancy and economic stability of our community.

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