Our Feds Feed Lots of Families

Sara Baucher (pictured) from the USDA was the first official #FedsFeedFamilies donor to kick off this year’s donation process with 120 pounds of beautiful produce in June.

Throughout the summer we received donations from AEGIS BMD Missile Defense Agency in Dahlgren in the amount of 1,642 pounds, Defense Security Service in Quantico in the amount of 1,228 pounds and the Department of Defense / OUSPI in the amount of 839 pounds. We then had to add the 768 pounds received from the Strategic Acquisition Center in Fredericksburg, the 299 pounds from the USDA in Fredericksburg , the Stafford DMV contribution of 65 pounds and the Department of US Treasury/IRS in Fredericksburg providing 79 pounds. We closed the summer out strong with donations of 83 pounds from the Social Security office in Fredericksburg and a generous contribution from the NBIB-OPM in Stafford providing 333 pounds. When you add all the Feds collected you will see they provided 5,456 pounds of food which will provide 4,547 meals to feed families.

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