Meet Our Drivers!

We'd like to highlight a truly important group of FRFB team members--our drivers!

Our drivers are Beverly Walmsley, Kelly Hodge, Jeff Bilbro, John Covington, and Terri Scogin.

Our drivers are a key part of our warehouse operations and on the front lines of advocating for and representing the FRFB. Each morning, they drive our vehicles to pick up food from our area retail partners and deliver food to our community partners. The prompt and safe pick-up of rescued food and groceries is crucial to our mission. We could not feed our community without our drivers! Because they are seen out in the community daily, they are ambassadors for the FRFB. Eric Webber, Director of Logistics & Operational Processes, shares, "It's extremely important that our drivers represent the Food Bank in the most positive way possible. They oftentimes have to deal with difficult customer service issues on the spot. They do what's in the best interest of the customer at that moment and then report back to management so that we can make improvements going forward."

In addition to sourcing groceries and transporting them back to our warehouse, our Drivers are responsible for separating the product into categories, weighing it, and storing it in the proper location. They also log the temperature of all cold product, ensuring that it is transported safely without breaking the cold chain.

Beverly Walmsley, who has been with the FRFB for 6 years, says that she is really proud of the work that she does and enjoys being out in the community. Kelly Hodge agrees and says that she loves her job, which she has had for 13 years! Kelly delivers food to our community partners two or three times per week, in addition to picking it up from stores.

If you see one of our FRFB trucks on the road, honk and wave to let them know that your support their part in our mission. We absolutely could not provide food to our neighbors without our drivers!

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