Five Unexpected Benefits of Volunteering as a Family

During the holidays, families are in a whirlwind of parties, travel plans, and activities... 

While it’s easy to get caught up in this time of year, it’s also a great time to for your family to take advantage of one of the many opportunities to give back to your community.   

This year make volunteering a family affair. You know the “feel-good” emotions that come with helping others, but there are even more unexpected ways volunteering will positively affect the whole family:  

You’ll feel like you have more time 

People often feel they are too busy to volunteer. Yet, a surprising finding by the Harvard Business Review saw that giving your time to community causes actually makes you feel like you have more of it. Volunteering makes us feel capable and efficient, inspiring us to make the most of each day.   

Volunteering has a life-long effect on kids and teenagers