Canstruction 2018

The 6th Annual #Canstruction Event was held February 15th - 19th, with the generous support of our host site #SpotsylvaniaTowneCentre. Canstruction is an international Charity competition where an "official" team of five consisting of students, teachers, volunteers & business, compete to design and build giant structures made entirely from cans of food.

This year, Canstruction yielded 21,363 pounds of food and $349 in donations. This will help to provide 18,501 meals to those in need within our community.

This year's Canstruction teams and their results are listed below.

Team: Fredericksburg Academy - SOFA

Structure Title: "Hunger - Virginia Scorecard"

Description of the Structure: We continue to affect the history of hunger by working together to end it as a school, a local community, and even a state. Our Canstruction map of Virginia shows hunger needs across the state; higher stacks of cans represent a higher percentage of people in that region who have food insecurity. When we are aware of our community's needs we can help end the history of hunger and bring about a new era of support and nourishment.

Structure Weight: 1,449 lbs = 1,208 Meals

Award: Best Meal Components

Team: Germanna Community College Applied Engineering Club Shipwrights

Structure Title: "The AECS CANcord"

Description of Structure: The AECS CANcord sailed across the sea on its life or death mission to bring its cargo of food to the new world. Our structure is reminiscent of the ships that sailed after the Mayflower to bring help and food to the starving settlers at Jamestown. We chose this structure for its historical significance to our nation and to remember the brave pilgrims that left their country for a new home.

Structure Weight: 1,480 lbs = 1,233 Meals

Award: Structural Ingenuity

Team: T. Benton Gayle Middle School

Structure Title: "The Hungry Catepillar"

Description of Structure: As in the story, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, our children need to eat a wide variety of food to grow and emerge as strong adults.

Structure Weight: 1,259 lbs = 1,049 Meals

Award: Best Use of Labels

Team: Wegmans

Structure Title: "Time to Wipe Out Hunger"

Description of Structure: Whenever you see a Wegmans clock tower, you know Wegmans has made a difference in that community. In 2016, Wegmans donated over 14.5 million pounds of food to local food banks. Although generosity is a part of our history the time to wipe out hunger is now!

Structure Weight: 2,693 lbs = 2,244 Meals

Award: Most Cans

Team: Rocky Run Elementary School - Kids CAN

Structure Title: "Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial"

Description of Structure: On President's Dy we celebrate George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Both men were instrumental in shaping America into the BEST country in the world. Lincoln once said, "With malice toward none; with charity for all." This perfectly illustrates the spirit of giving through the Canstruction event.

Structure Weight: 358 lbs = 298 Meals

Award: People's Choice

Team: Quality Expectations

Structure Title: "Back to Basics - Farm to Table"

Description of Structure: Farming throughout history has been the mainstay of our country. Tools such as the tractor, lends to the production of quality crops and allows for more area to be cleared for planting. Corn and carrots can be produced in mass amounts and tend to be a family favorite. Hunger's History, prompted the invention of tools and machinery that wood produce FOOD to feed vast amounts of people. Together we can make Hunger History!

Structure Weight: 2,066 lbs = 1,722 Meals

Award: Best Original Design

Team: Stafford High School Learn and Serve

Structure Title: "Years of Transporting Good Food"

Description of Structure: Expressing healthy eating and history of transportation providing food to everyone so they are not hungry

Structure Weight: 396 lbs = 33o Meals