Meal Makers

What are the Meal Makers?

Meal Makers is the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank's monthly giving club program. This group of committed supporters are making a huge impact on our fight against hunger through their monthly support of funds.

Knowing that the donations will arrive each month helps us to budget better and keep the assistance to the hungry consistent, even during the lean periods between seasonal and holiday donation peaks.

The support from our Meal Makers is also vital to maintaining and growing our programs in support of individuals and families struggling with hunger throughout our community.

Become a Meal Maker

Many have found the most convenient way to donate monthly is to set up automatic withdrawal from their bank account or donate using their credit card with no checks to hassle with or postage stamps to buy.

If you would like to join our monthly giving club online, please complete this donation form.

Thank You Meal Makers!

Kathy Abney

Kelly Aboulhouda

Kenneth Adams

Stanley Adams

Advanced Auto Services, Inc.

Evelyn Amato

Ivanka Antolin

Lauren Baldwin

Jerold R. Banks

Allen F. Bareford

Joseph W. Bastian

Be+attitude, LLC

William Beebee

Reginald Becton

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

Select Realty

William Beutel

David Bielawski

Christopher Bishop

Mary P. Bonzo

Lewis Boyle

Barbara Braiden

Marlene Bredel

Shirney Brent

Carol L. Brick

Dorothy Bright

Herman Brooks

Faith Broome

Linda L. Browning

Allen Brunson

Ronald H. Bryson

Mary R. Buono

Deborah Burdin

James P. Byrnes

Pamela H. Camp

Margaret Campbell

Katie Carpenter

Ricky Carr

Thomas J. Carr

Kelton Carter

Donald E. Caswell

Brenda Chase

Babak Chubak

Dorothy Clark

David Clawson

Don D. Cline

John R. Colizza Jr.

Dayna M. Combest

Salvador Contreras III

Mary Cooney

Susan L. Cornell

Kimberly R. Crawford

John Cross

Jose Cuadrado

Sarah Currier

Barbara Curtis

David P. Cyr

William Davis

Alvin F. DeBlanc

Joseph Del Priore

Gerald DePasquale

Barbara M. DePew

Roberta W. DeSanto

Joseph Dobson

DirtyPaws Dogwash

Elizabeth Donaldson

Daniel Easterling

Alan Embrey

john enright

Monica Fellowes

Michael Finnegan

Kay Fox

Anita H. Friedman

Andrew A. Gaeta

Robin M. Gauthier-Topley

Robert S. Gilbert

Valerine Goddard

Dale G. Goodrich

Stanley Gority

Joseph Goulet Jr.

James Graninger

Vikas Gupta

James Haase

William R. Haines

Matthew Haley

Daniel Halter

Stephen Hanson

Carla Harris

Robert Harrison

Harold V. Hartley III

Alison Harvey

John Haskins

James Healy

Christine Henry

Donna P. Hetrick

David Hiles

Mary L. Hill

David S. Hills

E. Thomas Hitt III

Jordan R. Hoar

Richard Hoffman

Mary C. Holgate

Katherine Holland

Anita Holle

Chadwick Hollingsworth

Shawn Hollingsworth

Meaghan L. Hokanson

Mindy Hudson

Rosetta Huffman-Van Hooser

Pauline Hutchens

Gail Ylton

Lisa Ivy

Tina Y. Johnson

John L. Jones

Sarah Jones

Laura N. Joy

Lori Kania

Edward Kappler

Helen Karnath

John Kelly

Peter Kelly

Sally Kenavan

Charles Kendall

Shirley M. Kennedy

Thomas Keogh

Katharine Keske

Frank Kochler

James Kovach

Diana Knight

Jan F. Kress, Ph.D.

Nicholas La Pietra

Audrey Lasante

Glenn Lawson

Annette Leach

Tom Lerner

Dan Lesher

Martha Limberick

Paticia Lis

Julia Little

Charles Lockwood

Marlene Lohr

Pamela Loving

Patrick Maier

Bruce Mair

John W. Mallory

Frederick Manzer

Philip Marzec

Pamela Mearns

Donna J. Metheny

Michelle L. McArtor

Denis McCabe

Donna McClung

Charlie McElvy

James E. McLaughlin

Richard Mersiowsky

Greg Miller

Robert M. Miller

Evelyn Minor

Donnell Mohr

Lorraine R. Morgan

Richard Moss

Amber Mullins

Kay Murphy

Lisa Murphy

William Muzbeck

Howard Myers

Donna Naas

Judy Napier

Carol E. Neely

Patricia Newton

Constance Ofleger

Jean M. Orlando

Clifford Palmer

Katherine Parker

George S. Pangburn

Jayne Paschall

Mary Anne Paszkiewicz

Deborah Pearce

Nancy Peltz

Steven Perchalski

Terry Perry

Justin-Wayn Pilgrim

Caroline Pilkerton

Jana Pindell

James Polley

William E. Portt

Ronald Pruden

Tina Pruett

Queen of Virginia Skill &

Entertainment LLC​

Robert Quinn

​​Kenneth C. Ramsey

Venkatarao P. Rao

Carol Reilly

Jennifer Riley

Anthony Rivera

Jennifer Roames

James Robinson

Wendy Robinson

Marcel Rotter

Daniel Rosenberg

Benjamin W. Sanchez

Thomas L. Segar

Andrew Sever

Laura Shamburger

Robert Sheilds

Walt Shura

Betty Sizemore

Patricia Slater

Andrew Slaterbeck

Dennis Smiley

Anne E. Smith

Catherine C. Smith

Marta Smith

Melissa Smith

Chris Snider


St. Stephen's Baptist Church

Gregory Stodola

Robert Stohr

Richard Story

Carolyn R. Stotler

Leroy Strohl

Charles Stunkle

Doris Ann Sullivan

Loretta F. Swanson

Erin M. Swartz

Clarence Taylor

Niccole Taylor

Vicky Taylor

Tracey Thompson

Imogene Treble

Jonetta Trotter

Nancy W. Turnage

William Turner

Nelson R. Vaillancourt

Valerie Moss, Inc.

Petronella Van Wingerden

Kim Van Zuiden

Regina Venzen

Ida Von Geldern

Lisa Walsh

Fran Walterhouse

Neal Walters

Paul Weber

Mary E. White

Theresa White

William White

Delilah Whitfield

Shannon Williamson

Ronald F. Wilson

Adrienne Wright-Williams

Harry Yocum

Michael J. Young

Doris Zellmer